Below given are the commonly asked FAQ’s for a Baby Portrait Session :

Who will be the Photographer?

Dharshana murugesan will be capturing your portraits.

Where will the shoot take place?

We can collaboratively decide a venue to do your session. Either indoors at your home, at our/a studio or outdoors at a park.

In Rajapalayam : we shoot at park
In coimbatore : we are collab with some photography studio which has an hour fee of Rs. 1500 for photoshoot
In Chennai: We typically shoot at Semmozhi Poonga which has an entrance fee of Rs.2000 for the photoshoot.
In any other city: I’m happy to work with your suggestion or I will do due research to help find a great location!

What time do these shoots typically take place?

We shoot during your little one’s routine playtime, preferably right after a nap. The time gap between when your child wakes up to starting the shoot, at a minimal, for best results.

Will you provide clothing for the Baby Portrait shoot?

We have limited clothing options for baby girls (age 3m to 12m) and may/may not fit based on the baby’s height and weight size. Ideally, we would suggest you to bring clothing as options either way.

What kind of clothes should we wear to a photoshoot?

Ideally, light and solid colored outfits look best, for everyone. Whites, creams, beige, peach, light blue, yellow etc look really good. Avoid printed clothing as much as possible to avoid taking the attention away from your expressions.

What if the child doesn’t cooperate? Are you flexible with time?

Yes, we are flexible with time as we are working with children. Ideally, we time our shoots to ensure this does not happen. We shoot ONLY during the baby’s routine playtime for the same reason. If, in a situation, the child doesn’t cooperate, we will go with the pace of the child.

My Child has stranger anxiety. Have you dealt with this before?

Yes, I would ask you not to worry. Again, we will work with the pace of the child and try our very best to befriend them at the earliest possible. For the most part, having you around will put them at ease.

When will we receive the images after we complete a portrait session?

We take up to 30 days for the delivery of images. If, in case, you wish to get the images on priority, we do have a ‘Quick delivery’ option at an additional charge. To explain, we are covering a lot of shoots per month, hence I really require the time to do justice to the images and deliver a good set to you in 30 days.

Do you have props for Baby Portraits?

Yes, we do have props for babies of all age groups. Some are in-house and are included as part of the portrait package. Bigger elaborate set designs are charged additionally.

How many days earlier should we make a booking?

A three weeks notice is good enough if you are flexible about weekdays. But if you are looking for a specific weekends/ a specific date, kindly inform us at the earliest possible, as some dates and weekends get booked out a month or two in advance.

Do the portrait sessions include family portraits?

Yes! All our sessions include family portraits that include the Mother, father and siblings (if any).

Should I be worried about the baby props and clothes Hygiene and safety?

Yes, as are we! We can assure you that all our props, fabrics, wraps are hygienic and well maintained. I generally walk you through each set-up before I execute it to ensure you approve of the same. I’m happy to work with you to do what makes you and the baby comfortable.

Can we do both indoor and outdoor locations for Baby shoot?

Yes, we do If you still wish to combine indoors + outdoors (based on proximity of the two locations), kindly ensure